2002 Cats Reunion Adventure

August 31 - September 2

Caroline & Okra Coke The Crew The skipper
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Contact info:


Channel Islands, including:

  1. Anacapa -- hiking & diving
  2. Santa Cruz -- hiking & diving
  3. Santa Rosa -- hiking, diving, beach camping

Planned Departure from Camarillo: 8am Sat 8/31
Planned Return to Camarillo: 3pm Mon 9/2

Boat Information:
Boat phone:
Boat Photos and Overview

Rendezous Point:
Lance Merker's House

LAX Shuttle Info:
Roadrunner Shuttle
Jay, this should cost about $35 one way to Camarillo -- if they tell you it's more, tell them you need the corporate rate and you're with "WebsiteASP" formerly known as "Mainstay" (we have a corp discount rate).

Channel Islands Information:
Channel Island Nation Parks

Weather Forecasts:
Lance's Ocean Weather Page

Primary Duties:
Lance - Boat Skipper, Safety Manager
Jay - Fuel Management, Food Management
Joe - Videographer, Anchoring/Docking
Mark - Audio Entertainment, Camp Site Mgt, Still Photography
Ben - Hiking Planner, Water Management
Aaron - Radio/Communications, Videographer

Stuff on Boat:
Hot Water Shower
Cell Phone
Shore Boat (10' Inflatable)
Lance has some (limited) extra dive gear -- talk to him
2 Fishing poles
3 Spearguns

Necessary Personal Gear:
Sleeping Bag
Warm Jacket
Hiking Shoes/Boots
Swimming/Diving Gear
California Fishing License (if you plan to fish or spearfish)

Optional Personal Gear:
Spearfishing Equipment
Fishing Equipment
Tent (Need 1 or 2)
Other Camping Equipment (Cooking, etc)
Portable Stereo (we need only one)

Things We Need to Buy - Share Costs:
Fuel (figure around $35 each person)
Camping Permits ($10 each person)

Click for Meal Planning Page

Travel Itineraries to/from LA Area:

Name Arrivate Date/Time Departure Date/Time
Jay Fri 8/30, LAX 2:34pm Tues 9/3, LAX 9:35am
Joe Fri 8/30, LAX 6:30pm Mon 9/2, LAX 6:30pm
Ben Drive w/Aaron ? Drive w/Aaron ?
Aaron Drive w/Aaron ? Drive w/Aaron ?
Mark Fri 8/30, LAX 5:30pm N/A
Lance N/A N/A

Beach Camping on Santa Rosa Island
Camping conditions are primitive.  There are no stores or facilities to purchase supplies. To protect fragile resources, beach campers must remove all trash from the island.  Bury human waste in individual catholes 6-8 inches deep in the moist, sandy, intertidal area and 200 feet from fresh water source.  Toilet paper must be packed out.  Weather is unpredictable with winter-like temperatures possible any time of the year.  It is recommended that your tent be able to withstand 40 MPH winds.  Ocean conditions may be turbulent and dangerous.  To hail a ranger, use VHF Marine Channel 16 or call 805-658-5700.  To protect vegitaion and wildlife, stay on trails and roads.

Santa Rosa Island Regulations

  • You are required to have a beach camping permit.
  • The Vail & Vicker Ranch ares are off-limits to island visitors.  Other hiking restrictions may apply during hunting seasons.
  • Pets are not allowed on the island.
  • Feeding park wildlife is prohibited.
  • Visitors must remove their won trash from the island.
  • Open fires are prohibited; cooking is permitted on backpacking stoves only.
  • Fishing is permited from the beach in compliance with California F&G.  Possesion of a valide fishing permit is required.
  • Smoking is allowed only on the beach.
  • All resources are protected by law, including vegitation, animals, rocks, shells, feathers and other natural, archeological, historic and underwater features.  Vistors may not collect or disturb them.


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